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Bich Anh Company specializes in manufacturing and trading equipment, safety tools, labor protection.

The company was established on the basis of following the process of researching and implementing specialized application of occupational safety – disease prevention and health protection for employees of founding members for more than 30 years.

We provide products manufactured by reputable domestic and international companies.

The products we offer include a wide range of designs with a variety of designs, meet the requirements of protection, hygiene, aesthetics, reliability, ease of use. Appropriate quality standards of Vietnam and international.

On the basis of the results achieved, we will continuously improve, improve the quality and effectiveness of activities, continue to contribute to the achievement of the common goal: “SAFETY – HYGIENE LABOR” – one The policy and policy of the State – because the lives and health of workers and the sustainable development of each business.

We sincerely thank the customers who have worked with us in the past and hope to continue to be selected as the most reliable supplier of customers in the future.

Best regards!